Whey Protein 80 Sf+

Whey Protein 80 Sf+



Product Description

Whey Protein 80 SF+ is a ground-breaking whey protein powder, formulated exclusively from premium grade whey protein concentrate and guarantees unparalleled levels of purity. What makes Whey Protein 80 SF+ so unique is that it’s manufactured using sunflower lecithin, instead of the commonly used soy lecithin. The result is a next-generation pure whey protein, ideal for anyone looking for a totally soy-free whey protein shake. Not only is Whey Protein 80 SF+ the UK’s first whey protein shake with no added soy lecithin, it also includes Aminogen® and TPW™ acclaimed natural flavours and colours, making it the purest whey protein on the market today. Finally, it includes no thickeners or fillers and is micro-filtered for the ultimate in purity. Ultra pure soy-free whey protein formula Premium grade whey protein powder Formulated with sunflower lecithin

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