Veggie Super Crisps

Veggie Super Crisps



Product Description

Veggie Super Crisps are one of the greatest creations to enter the savoury snack arena. Each one is made from specially sourced vegetable superfoods that have been lovingly prepped using a unique form of dehydration technology. The result is a low fat, high fibre snack that your taste buds will love just as much as your waistline. Most traditionally fried or baked potato crisps taste great but also come with a set of ‘dietary evils’, which is exactly why the TPW(TM) Scientists created Veggie Super Crisps. 100% natural and a source of nutritional genius with absolutely no added salt or sugar, no cupboard should be without a pack. Low in fat & high in fibre 100% natural, savoury snack Healthier twist on regular crisps

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