Diet Whey Isolate 97

Diet Whey Isolate 97



Product Description

Diet Whey Isolate 97 is an ultra pure whey protein isolate powder, renowned for having the highest protein content and lowest carbohydrate and fat content of any protein in sports nutrition today. It is designed specifically for anyone dieting or looking to decrease their calorie intake. Diet Whey Isolate 97 now includes ground-breaking patented enzyme technology, AMINOGEN® to further enhance its unique formulation. Diet Whey Isolate 97 has less than 1g of fat and less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving. Sourced from premium grade whey protein isolate, it has an excellent amino acid profile. Diet Whey Isolate 97 uses membrane technology to create an ultra pure form of whey protein with its lactose, carbs and casein removed. Includes AMINOGEN® enzyme system Unrivalled 97% premium protein content Ultra low in fat, carbohydrates & calories

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